Company Overview

Imagination & Innovation
Lead to Change

Commonwealth LNG was founded by industry veterans who decided to re-engineer the LNG construction model. Using proven best practices, Commonwealth has re-designed the LNG process to create a facility to provide reliable and affordable clean energy for customers worldwide.

Strategic Conversations


Paul Varello

Founder and Executive Chairman

Farhad Ahrabi

President and CEO

Our Vision

When Commonwealth LNG Founder Paul Varello began his career, he was inspired by leaders who embraced strong core values, teamwork and shared rewards.

One of his early mentors, Buck Mickel, demonstrated how making people feel valued could build a strong, loyal team. Buck would often pen notes of praise and encouragement to individuals, always written in red ink.

These became known as “Buck’s red bullets,” and it’s that values-driven, employee-focused mentality that drives Commonwealth’s approach to leadership, strategy and above all, lasting partnerships.

Paul’s red bullet philosophy manifests itself across every level of Commonwealth, even being adopted as the company’s logo. It symbolizes a commitment to industry-changing solutions, long-term partnerships and mutual transparency at every level.



“True to the Commonwealth name, our culture is based on inclusion. There is a creative trait in all of us, irrespective of our position or title. The key to exceptional leadership is to create an environment where we can tap into and release that creativity for the benefit of the organization as whole.”

— Farhad Ahrabi
President and CEO

People Focused

Commonwealth LNG works to ensure that people are heard and appreciated.

Within the company, there is a strong focus on development initiatives to help employees reach their full potential.  They, in turn, are challenged to work with our partners, suppliers, government officials and the local community to achieve the best outcomes for all concerned.  

Our commercial success is a direct by-product of this alignment and communication throughout the development, construction and operation of our LNG facility.

Our Values

These values represent the guiding principles of Commonwealth LNG that inform our company culture and the expectations that determine how we behave and relate to each other and our stakeholders.

Commonwealth LNG's "Culture Shield"

Company structure

Commonwealth LNG is developing an LNG export terminal on the U.S. Gulf Coast near Cameron, Louisiana.

The company expects to begin shipping LNG in the third quarter of 2026. The global LNG market is unpredictable and volatile with most experts forecasting continued uncertainty in the coming years. The market is also evolving with the introduction of greater competition resulting in increased liquidity and efficiency.

The next wave of LNG buyers and traders will continue to need firm, reasonably priced LNG supply but their requirements will change regarding contract tenor, pricing and flexibility. Commonwealth LNG represents a next generation LNG export facility designed to provide a platform for meeting the unique requirements of the next wave of LNG demand.